About AOH Music

AOH Music

AOH Music is a Christian trio from New Jersey. Brianne Nealon, Jack Garno, and Jimmy Meier started playing music together in 2019. Very early on they discovered that their music had the power to transform not only their audience but also themselves. As the band developed and grew in their faith the Holy Spirit has led them to experiences that have shaped the sound and message of their music.

AOH Music performs around the country leading audiences of all ages in fellowship. In addition the band has performed at some very large events such as the One Life LA event in Los Angeles, Abbey Fest in Pennsylvania, and the DFMC Conference in Denver, Colorado.

The Band’s songs have been featured on spotify curated list, “New Music Friday Christian” in addition to Amazon music’s “Acoustic Christian”, “Modern Hymns”, “Worship Now”, “Highly Favored” and “Christian Pop” as well as Apple music’s “New in Christian”.  In addition the Hallow App is now streaming AOH MUSIC.

The Band’s music videos have also become very popular and appear regularly on many television networks such as EWTN, The Catholic Faith Network, DeSales Media, Catholic TV, Shalom World TV and Salt and Light media in Canada.

Since January 2023 the band has released 13 singles, 2 EPs, and 9 music videos.  The band is very excited to be performing at the Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis, Indiana in July 2024.  AOH music is looking forward to continuing to release new music, growing deeper in their faith, and being given more opportunities to spread the Word of God through their music.